like butane on my skin. (monroeville_) wrote in foblist,
like butane on my skin.

okay guys. i have a fun idea.

i'd like to have a ton of pictures for the scrapbook, but the well's running dry and i don't have enough. so here's my idea; everyone that has a digital camera, take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says something along the lines of "i love fall out boy". i'll put it next to your name in the book. an example;

ALSO! if anyone has any pics of the guys AT ALL, send them to me. i REALLY need more content for this thing.

AND FiNALLY. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS PROJECT! they do not have to have a GJ or LJ. we're up to 35 people, and i want the number to increase. i really, REALLY think the guys will like this and it's really important, so PLEASE help out.

thanks a lot.
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