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[31 Jul 2005|03:53pm]

I dont know if you have any of these pics or not, but I found a bunch.
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[26 Jul 2005|08:25pm]


I posted this in foblove a long time ago and somebody told me to post it here :)
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[22 Jun 2005|07:04pm]

okay guys. i have a fun idea.

i'd like to have a ton of pictures for the scrapbook, but the well's running dry and i don't have enough. so here's my idea; everyone that has a digital camera, take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says something along the lines of "i love fall out boy". i'll put it next to your name in the book. an example;

ALSO! if anyone has any pics of the guys AT ALL, send them to me. i REALLY need more content for this thing.

AND FiNALLY. TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS PROJECT! they do not have to have a GJ or LJ. we're up to 35 people, and i want the number to increase. i really, REALLY think the guys will like this and it's really important, so PLEASE help out.

thanks a lot.
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[17 Jun 2005|01:56am]

Gabby here. I'm joining because I'd love for the guys to know how awesome I think they are. So yeah. My stuff will be submitted later.
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[17 Jun 2005|12:20am]

welcome to foblist. this is the place where you list information you want to be included in the scrapbook that will be given to the band this summer, such as your name and location. you can also post any messages, letters, pictures, etc., in this community. for privacy reasons, remember to keep all posts friends only.

if you're uncomfortable posting anything here, you can email the mod at shotxgun@hotmail.com and your information will be documented.

at the time of this post, only 17 people are on the list, so promotion is VERY important. promo banners will be listed in the user info with a code to link them back to the community, and all members are encouraged to tell everyone about this scrapbook, even those that don't have a gj.

♥a mod
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